Tuesday, April 3, 2007

From Love Gemma

These came today. Can you believe it!?! They are so completely, perfectly, ME!
I got them from lovegemma.etsy.com.

She has such a sophisticated selection of beads and findings, you can't leave her shop without buying something!

I think they will become one of those sets of beads that I keep unstrung for yeeeears. Just because they are so special to me.

I am definitely feeling restless. There is something brewing in my head, I'm not sure.

I'm getting tired of making pendants. I need to ink and tear up paper. Find words I am struck by, quotes that change my thinking. I need time most of all. Need. Need. Need. I sound so self absorbed. That's probably the problem. I'm not helping others right now. I know from past experience, if you focus on others - your own problems do not seem as important.

I surprised by the difficulty I am having blogging. Where are my words? What do I have to say?

Don't think me unkind.
Words are hard to find.
the police

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  1. Nice pictures and great post about Gemma's beads. I'd love to trade links with you if you're interested.



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