Monday, April 2, 2007

True Love

This is my true love.

He is beautiful, smart, strong, funny, sweet, confident, sensitive, impulsive, easy-going, thoughtful, athletic, calming, and romantic.

He is a wonderful father, a faithful husband, an over comer, a go getter, enterprising, inventive, slow to anger, and quick to apologize.

My life changed when I met him and I continue to change for the better because of him.

I laugh more, I have more patience, and I understand the opposite sex a lot better!

We met delivering pizza for Imo's in 1999. Isn't that funny!?! He gave the place a professionalism that wasn't really there. He made me laugh so hard, I routinely snorted water out of my nose because he 'd always get me while I was taking a drink. He was sooooo cute. I always avoided cute guys before, they were egotistical and intimidating and less grateful to be with me!:)

I tried not to date him, I'd just broken up with someone and was tired. When I did spend time with him, I refused to kiss or even hold hands with him. He had actually gave up on me.

But I didn't like that so I finally called him and he surprised me by asking to come by my parents house to drop off an Easter card. My mom said to invite him for dinner, so I did.

That day I saw Mike as the easy going, charming, good looking, funny, adapting man he is.

He just....... flowed.

My family loved him and he actually made hanging out with them fun.
And he had a crisp white shirt on with beautifully tailored pants and Elizabeth Taylors Passion Cologne. My Lord. He was fantastic!

We were married 6 months later.


  1. I just new, there`s a new post from You :)
    How wonderful story it is! I thought, you were together since high school or something...well, I just guessed ;)
    I`m so happy for You that You have so incredible person on Your side, and that You recognized him! It`s so easy to oversee someone!
    I wish You have many many happy years ahead of you and that you grow together!

  2. There is no such thing as true love. Only years of work and devotion with the end result of loneliness and confusion, shattered self esteem and distrust.
    I want to say I wish I'd never met you, but then I wouldn't have the 2 best people I have ever met in my life that came from your semen.
    The 2 people who deserve so much better than what you showed them.

    Now, my daughter will constantly search for a daddy figure to please and make proud of her with no real satisfaction and my son will always hate me for never taking you back, because he has no idea what you have done.

    I laugh hysterically at how quickly a life can turn into a Life Time channel special.


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