Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

My own Matsuka!
She is funny, energized, inspiring, and persevering!
I love her so much and I'm so grateful for her presence in my life.
Happy Mother's day Mom!
And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who visit my blog in the next couple of days!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you (and Matsuka!) too! :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom!!

  3. Hope you and your mom had a Happy Mother's day! She looks like a fun lady!

  4. I`m sorry for delay! I wish you and your Mom very very nice Mother`s day and all th days that follow too :)

  5. Wow! What a surprise! I did not expect to see myself here! Thank you for your kind and generous words and for hanging out with a "senior citizen". I feel blessed by you.
    Love, G.G.,

  6. HeeHee! Your only a senior according to society - your really young at heart!


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