Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Stamps = New Pendants!

You want to touch it, don't you?

I loved all the comments about what you would do with your mothers day with a babysitter and no time constraints! Thrifting, coffee shop, sleep, going with the flow - I love them all!
Mom (G.G.) said trying on dresses, which is fine, I love the colors and textures of clothes...
ON THE RACK! On my body, after I've eaten at Macaroni Grill? There had better be a paper store nearby... so I can quickly forget what horrors the unforgiving dressing room mirror has opened my eyes to.


  1. I do, I do! I think it's just beautiful! I have no clue right now what I use with it, if's lovely just the way it is. :o)

    I think if I could have a babysitter for mothers day and do whatever I want...I would want what I have always wanted. A DAY AT A SPA with my sisters. Let ourselves get pamper, like the Goddess we are. LOL!

  2. Love the new pendant but, as I mentioned yesterday, I think that MOST of your pendants are just FAB! :)

    I'm also super-duper-proud of Eva. She is so inspiring! :)

  3. Hi dear!
    I´m so happy that you think of me(out loud). But you have to wait a bit until you can call me G.D. :) Right now I`m just a wannabe .lol.
    Your pendants are gorgeous, no doubt about that.I have to confess, I haven`t even imagined that you could use beads AND pendant together.I thought it`s fine as it is, just hanging on ribbon... I have so much to learn!

  4. Gorgeous pendants! I agree that it would be lovely haning on a ribbon, organza or even leather! It would also look good with coppery colored pearls, the same color as on top of the pendant. I see white going with it too, or some jaspers. I think I'd do leather and pearls.


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