Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Pinky!

My girl is 3 years old today! I am stunned how quickly time has past, I feel it was just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital!

She tells me this morning "I'm a grown up now". Ha ! Sometimes she has me convinced.
Then she comes out of her room with a bell stuck up her nose.

Her favorite color - still pink.
Her favorite food - cookies
Her favorite drink - vanilla soy milk
Her favorite movie - Baby Einsteins Baby Bach
Her favorite song - Night Time is the Right Time by Ray Charles (otherwise known as "the trumpet song")
Her favorite thing to do - sing and dance to music
Her favorite place to be - outside
Her favorite person - her G.G. (Grammy)

She has wanted to go to Chuckie Cheese for her birthday party, so we planned a little get together there, had pizza, played games (she loves the Barney Train) and headed home for presents and cake!

She asked for a trampoline so we got her a mini one, both the kids love it.

Her Grammy and Poppy bought her baby gear, a play pen, swing, and carrier.
She's such a little mommy, it's adorable to watch and hear her echo what I say to her.

She loved that her cousin, Baby Cupcake was there to celebrate her birthday with her but had a little trouble sharing!

Fell asleep exhausted. Another year tucked under her belt.
I love you, Pinky! You'll always be my baby!


  1. Happy Birthday! To you too!
    I know, time flies. My youngest is 1,5 Y and sometimes when he fells asleep, I can pretend that he is still a baby and I touch his head and cheeks. But from the moment he wakes up, he is big boy.
    ...time flies, but how come we don`t feel growing up anymore ;)...only our kids grow older.

  2. Oh, how sweet she is. What a face and smile. She's so full of life. Just precious. Happy Birthday Pinky!
    I feel the same way about Kevin. I sometimes wish I was still wearing him in my sling. And that innocence they possess...truly amazing.

  3. she is so precious! a big happy birthday to her! my olivia is 7, shew....almost 8. time does seem to fly. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Pinky!

    Children's birthdays are so bittersweet.

  5. What an angelic face. It's sad to see the years go buy, but in the same breath, it's amazing to watch and see how they grow and change.


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