Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And now Happy Birthday Boo/Rex!

Yeah, he doesn't want to be called Boo anymore. You know. Now that he's 7. That's his air guitar.

Today is his birthday and he acts more like a teenager then a 7 yr. old. Except that he has these really sweet moments. He stops a video game to ask me if I will snuggle him. I find that so endearing. Wonder how long I will be able to snuggle him?

I recently posted about him so I will keep to the facts this time:

His favorite color - orange
His favorite food - fried chicken legs
His favorite drink - sierra mist
His favorite movie - any Star Wars
His favorite song - Gospel Boogie by T-Bone
His favorite thing to do - new computer games
His favorite place to be - home (I'm serious. He NEVER wants to leave.)
His favorite person - his Dad

This boy is my heart walking around the outside of my body. One of my favorite things to do is just simply watch him. His wisdom calms me. His presence makes everything fine.
I want to do everything I can to keep our relationship close like it is now.

Happy Birthday, Rex! In your seven years on earth you've already accomplished more then in my whole life!


  1. Happy Birthday Rex!!!! Make a wish!

  2. Oh, you have such a way about you Shannon. I love your love for your children. It inspires me. It really does. And he is such a dear,you can tell. He and Pinky are so lucky to have you in their lives. Tell him happy birthday from me and Kevin!

  3. Look at him! What a cutie!
    Happy Birthday Rex!
    I have to echo Ginger - your love comes through so beautifully in your posts about your children.

    Wish we could have a playdate!

    (I love how you have you Favorites Mini set-up like a treasury list - very pretty!)

  4. happy birthday rex!

    shannon, you can just feel the incredible love you have for your little ones. :)
    guess what!---i received my pendants and i love them so very much! thank you!


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