Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We are each of us angels...

"We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another."
~ Luciano De Crescenzo ~

When I first posted this I meant to say more about the quote but my mind wandered off on it's own.

I had a paster say once " If your doing everything in your life on your own -your not doing what God has planned for your life."
I try to remind myself of that because I have a tendency to try and do everything on my own.
It's like a pride thing (pride is not helpful but harmful).

But we, as human beings, are not meant to do everything on our own and we can only truly succeed at our life's plan by teaming up with others.

That is what the above quote symbolizes to me .

This wing pendant is an old favorite of mine. When I first started selling polymer pendants on etsy in January 07, this was one that I created 12 of and sold for $5.00 each.

I tired of it quickly, because it requires a lot of hand cutting, which doesn't work well with the $5.00 range.

But I loved it. So when a friend/customer asked me to recreate a few I was happy to oblige.

They look even better then before because A) I have a nifty camera B) I'm more skilled at buffing and C) I now know how to seal patina. (Renaissance wax)

I recently purchased a bunch of czech glass buttons, made some molds with them and then created pendants.
And patinated them also.
A mermaid, a ship, a shell, a chambered nautilus, a seahorse, a sunflower, a dragonfly, a peacock, a man in the moon, and a couple of decorative ones. I can't wait to list them all!

I also started a pmc collection with a lot of the same molded buttons. But they take more time so it will be a while before I can show them.

I am very frustrated with the lack of time lately. I have some things to show everyone and some things to say, but I am having the worst time ever finding time to sit down at the computer!

I have uploaded photos at flickr of the kiddos and their various ways of celebrating their birthdays. So if you like that sort of thing check it out!

My dear sister is getting married this Saturday and even though she is completely low key and laid back about everything there is still a lot to prepare ahead of time.


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous pendants. And I do so love the quote at the beginning of your entry. It's touching.
    I would love to see your PMC ones. I've often wanted to learn PMC. Been kinda afraid to do it though. Just like I'm kinda afraid to do real metalsmithing. I just need to take the leap and do it.
    You make such beautiful things. It's no wonder you don't have time for anything. Two kids, a zillion sales and more to come. Photographing, listing, packaging, bloggin, etc., etc. If you are anything like me you are tired! But please do keep up the great work! And best wishes to your sister!

  2. I am feeling the lack of time as well. Maybe I need to whittle my blog reading down to my very favorites. I don't know.

    I love the new letter pendants too - you are doing some really interesting and beautiful new work!

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

  3. wow! the wing is stunning. will you be selling these again....hint, hint...

    have fun at the wedding. :)

  4. Very provocative thought, you put here.
    I like to think that we are perfect angels with both wings and at the same time we are meant to be here for each other. For helping others, serving others and by that growing spiritually.
    And the most important part in your quote (for me) is, that we ARE angels :)

  5. Your wing pendants are beautiful, but then I LOVE all of your work. :o) I can't wait to see your PMC work too. I had purchased a book on PMC a while back and read it front to back a few times, but I'm afraid to work with it. Maybe I'll get the courage up one day.

    Hope your sisters wedding was all she ever dreamed of and everyone had a wonderful time.

  6. Thank you, everyone!
    This was very encouraging!

  7. Lovely-lovely-lovely!!!! ALL of it!!


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