Sunday, July 8, 2007


We are a bit tired, but lovin life! I'm behind in uploading photos to flickr, so many family occasions to save and share! It is a full, fun summer and I'm so grateful for our family and their love!

Mike is feeling a little sick, so Pinky demanded he lay on her star pillowy and wrapped him up in her G.G. blanky and 'read' him books. It was so unbelievably precious.
Some of the story climax's were "And the band~aid was lost forever!".
Isn't that funny? There is more here.

The wedding was simple and beautiful. Etta Petta Bird Bye (my sister) was stunningly beautiful, her groom was attentive and handsome, her babies content, and the ceremony was touching.
I couldn't take pictures myself so I will have to wait for those!

As I was reading blogs this evening I was struck by this one thought.

Live in the moment.

Always trying to get to the next thing and then the years have passed and you can't remember the little details, like what was said or eaten, the sounds or smells of the moment.

So I think I'm going to start journaling again (typing takes me forever) and writing a list of those things as much as I can. To help me remember. I think Teesha Moore has some journaling stamps that you can write lists in. That might make it easier for me!

On a lighter side, I might have found a duvet set I like!
From Dwell.
The bird one.
I think it looks so comforting. It will be a while before I could buy it, but I bet it would be worth it!

Hey, thanks for listening. It means a lot to me, that you would take the time to come by here and visit!


  1. I hope your husband will get well soon and you can enjoy your wonderful summer! Pinky is so wonderful and caring! I guess she has learned it from you!

  2. Sorry to hear hubby is under the weather....hope he feels better soon. I'm sure Pinky is sending him healing energy with all her stories.

    I love the blog you found "Live in the Moment" It is hard...there's always something to be done and you get tired and just want moments for yourself. Here is a wise old quote I came across recently myself. The wisest reflection on the passing of time when rearing children is....
    "The days go slow but the years go fast."

  3. Candace - I love that! After the Pinker's milk this evening, instead of rushing through dishes and listing on etsy, I sat with her and just stroked her cheek, imagining her need to pull away from me in her teen years and how my heart will ache for a moment to sit on the couch with her!

  4. Oh, I feel the same way. The older I get it seems time goes by faster and faster with every day. Our kids will be on their own and no longer snuggling next to us and smiling at us. They will be wanting to get away from us and be on their own doing their own thing. Let's just hope that we raise them well enough to know there is always love and open arms waiting at home.

  5. Yes! Live in the Moment!
    What am I missing by sitting with Geoff instead of wandering around the Etsy forums in the evening? by taking the kids to the pool instead of making more bracelets? We only get this summer, the summer of seven and four, once.
    I was thinking about Maia of Glass Beach taking a month off so she can enjoy the summer with her kids. Why aren't I doing that? What would I miss? Ten sales? Seriously? What am I doing here?

    Anyone else see the irony of me asking these questions in a blog comment?

    Okay, really, I am posting this and then I'm off to read to the kids!

  6. to live in the moment-we all need this reminder every once in a while. :) hope your hubby is better-pinky is a sweetie to take care of him so well-stories are very healing.

  7. My journal is my cornerstone. Glad you are planning to get back to journaling. Such a wonderful outlet!


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