Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm a crazy person

What do you think of that picture? Is anyone else into fiber? Well, let me tell you ~ I am!
I have about 4 shoe boxes filled with colored thread, textured strings, art fibers, ribbons, and yarn and this is my new favorite.

I took place in a swap and my swap partner, Burps Liberty, tied up my package with the fiber above.
I had never seen anything like it and finally she wrote and told me what it is.
*Recycled Silk Sari Yarn*

So in the midst of polymer clay pendants, pmc, wire-wrapping pearls, collaged tags and art journaling, I have started a new hobby. Because it wasn't enough to just shop for the silk yarn, OH NO ~ I have to find the raw silk fibers, buy a drop spindle and spin my own. I totally do not have the time or money for this!

The reason why this is all so crazy?



  1. But now is a great opportunity to learn it! Believe me - once you learned it, you will wonder how could you not know, because it`s really very easy!
    I think changes are good - just stick with them and go with it! Have fun!!!!

  2. That is an hysterical post! I just bought a punch that makes little, teeny tiny envelopes. Like 1x2 inches. My husband wanted to know what I was going to do with little, tiny envelopes. "I don't know, but aren't they great?!"

    Ahh, we are a special breed.

    I think there is a good market on etsy for hand spun yarn.

  3. Well Steph - Sell them to me!
    I evidently don't need any reason at all to buy something!
    Thanks Eva but I don't think I'll be selling knitted stuff, I think I just want to spin!

  4. No,of course not selling knitted stuff, but I still think, one day you will try knitting after all! Maybe just for the feel of your fingers :)
    I`m happy for you!!!!!!!

  5. I agree with the knitting bug.
    I made my first item in a long time from a pattern (Yahoooooo)
    I finished a beanie in just two days and now I'm onto the scarf.
    I love the pic of the fibre even if I have no use.

  6. Hey, you're never too old to try something new!! Go for it! It's like anything else: you'll never know if you don't try. :)


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