Monday, July 30, 2007


Look at the stash I got for turning 34!!!
My Peeps love me!

First on Thursday, my sweetheart mom fixes me a delectable lunch with my favorite cream cheese and marshmallow dip, then surprises me with a hand bound book from Manda Holden and a gift certificate from Stampington and Co!

Then Friday I received a card that states "Your Fabulous" from my generous mother-in-law that included a gift card to Barnes-n-Noble!

Saturday (by that time Rex and I decided that this was my birthday weekend, not just the day) my husband comes home from work with steaks, salad, bread and a birthday cake!
He and the kids also bought me the Quickutz Revolution!

Then my Poppy comes by after a very, long, hard, hot day at work with the most beautiful bouquet of roses. Ask me how much I love roses.
(I have one tattooed on my wrist.)

I feel spoiled rotten.

The thing that is so cool is I love to have new books to fill with my ideas, words, collages, supply research, quotes and stamp images, my mom picked the perfect one, plus I'll get to browse for hours at the book store, taking notes and sketching ideas. And now I can add my favorite words to my journal layouts with patterned papers! While I eat cake. Hee!Hee!

My family knows me so well, and that's a beautiful feeling.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Your lucky I'm typing this and you're not hearing me sing it. LOL!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday filled with love and happiness.

    I'm drooling over all the treasures you recieved. LOL!


  2. Thank you Candace!
    It was such a delightful surprise, to see everyone thinking of me like that!

  3. Oh, happy birthday Shannon! You're so very young!! You got some wonderful things, but best of all you have a wonderful family! Hope you had a great birthday weekend!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Happy belated birthday!


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