Friday, July 27, 2007


That wasn't supposed to happen. All that time that passed in between posts. I had a list of links, ideas, and photos to go with me on vacation but when I got there I had absolutely no way of getting online. Gulp. I love blogging and find it difficult to find time for it in my daily life and so I was really looking forward to posting through out vacation.

Anyway, we went to Bonita Springs, Florida where my dear, generous brother-in-law has property on the beach. It was exhilarating, being that close to the beach for days like that.
I'll post more on our trip when I have the photos organized and uploaded. (They are on something called a travel drive which I'm just now learning how to use.)

So I have chosen to post about inspiration.
Where does your inspiration come from? And you can't say everywhere, that's stating the obvious.

Mine comes from everywhere.
Just kidding.

It sneaks up on me sometimes and the next thing I know I'm attracted to something that before I didn't find appealing at all. Like the color chartreuse. Or black and white.

My latest inspiration is directly from Michelle Ward. If your familiar with my work you'll know I use a lot of her stamps for my Polymer Pendants. The stamp art I do and leave at home in art journals uses a lot of influence from Michelle's work. In fact I have a personal goal to collect all of her rubber stamp sheets.

However, the black and white thing came from a few of her blog posts featuring different items with the same black damask/flourish image printed on bright white.
Plates, pillows, bags, tags, office organizers, art, even packing tape.
I can't use the black and white trend, not on my person (too much attention) or in my home (that would require a major redecorating job!). But I still really like it.

So it has spilled over into my etsy store with the first item being a large Black Damask on White Polymer Pendant. You can see that over to the side there -------------------------------->
I've created some earrings and of course a few rings but I haven't listed them yet. We'll see how it goes. By the time they catch on I'll have become obsessed with something else. LOL!


  1. Hi! I`m SO glad, You are back!
    I know exactly what do you mean by falling in love with color, you haven`t even liked before. It sure happens to me too! But it`s just fun!

  2. I love the color chartreuse... it is one of my favorites and definitely inspiration for me.

    Other sources of inspiration are anything remotely related to the French culture... books, the Eiffel Tower (I collect them), the food, the language, the style... anything! I also find a lot of inspiration in The Phantom of the Opera (book, Broadway show and soundtrack) and the movie Amelie.

    Those are just a few. Great question to pose to us! Thank you for causing me to think about it! :)

  3. Love it! I've always liked black and white, although I don't wear it alot. I especially like white with black for accents. I don't look good in black and won't decorate with it either. But my sisters love it. I would love a black and white pendant of yours to go on a strand of either black or white pearls!

  4. Love the black and white! (though I do not wear it or decroate with it either - haha!)

    I am currently in an uninspired slump. (.....she whispers, so as not to spread it around.....)

  5. I hear from my friend Eva that it is your birthday sometime soon or recently past. Here's hoping that you have (or had) a wonderful one!



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