Saturday, August 4, 2007

The stuff of LIFE

Don't I look happy? I think I took this picture because I thought I was having a good hair day.
I am packing for a weekend away with my Love. To celebrate our 8th anniversary we decided to go to Six Flags Amusement park.

Without the kids.

Oh yeah, we are selfish like that. We are past romance at this point and only want cheap, adrenaline fueled thrills. When you have small kids you can't go on the thrill rides together.
So we treating ourself to a night in a hotel and a whole day of roller-coaster rides!
I hope my old man can keep up with me, heehee!

Aren't they cute? (just say yes, things will be better for you then) Rex had the idea to have a reading picnic. So he went and got crackers and his hand made book in addition to his Mammoth Book of Dinosaurs, gathered up his little sister and went outside with the picnic blanket.
I love this, I just love it.

I made this digital collage. I'm super proud of myself. And I am excited about making more.

This is the curriculum for the upcoming year. Normally I wouldn't follow a curriculum but my son has requested a more formal, structured type of home schooling.
Check out this link for some cool info on a neat way kids can learn.
I've been busy hunting down used books to buy for this and it has been fun going to the mailbox to see which one has come! has been a little frustrating. A lot of sellers have issued refunds because the books I ordered from them were not actually in stock! That has never happen to me in business, so I have a hard time understanding how it could happen so many times (5). But hey, it's their business, they can run it as they want to. I just have to find more time to research and re-buy the books that were falsely listed, that's all. Find more time. Simple right?
I bought myself one of these. A Century Wavemaster Super X.
For 3 reasons;
1. For a good cardio work out.
2. For self defense. (mainly to defend pieces of cake)
3. For a healthy way to defuse frustration and anger.
I love it and use it through out the day. Highly recommend.

Rex has lost both his top 2 teeth! He is absolutely adorable and talks with that cool lisp. We are teaching him how to spit really far with the gap. (Just joking)

I love the kids and their natural closeness. Don't we all want a companion we can do this with?

The above picture shows forced child labor (again with the jokes). I recently purchased some scalloped paper punches to create some tags and labels with. The children are much more efficient to use though. Production is up 100%. :)

That's all for now! My Darling Diva girl is quite frustrated with me having spent so much time on the computer!
Sorry this post was so self-centered and obnoxious! I am just really grateful for my life and the people in it. You never know, it could change in a moment.


  1. That photo of your children laying next to eachother is sooooo precious! I love that their legs are crossed in the same direction. Adorable!

  2. I love that relaxing picture too. I love that dress your girl is wearing and all these little toes on teddy bears nose. You are pretty good sneaking up to them and taking secret pictures )

  3. Awww, Shannon. It was not self-centered and obnoxious. It was joyful and entertaining, as well as touching. Don't say stuff like that when you know it's not true. You have one of the most beautiful families I've ever known.

    Ya'll have fun at Six Flags!! It bet you'll wear the old man out!

    Going to check out the link to the learning....

  4. I think my constant "jokes" could get a little old to some.
    I've always tried to be funny and failed miserably!
    Thank God I married someone funny!
    Thank you for your comments everyone!

  5. Nothing obnoxious about gratitude!

    Geoff always says the only thing sadder than the kids not living with us when they grow up is the idea of the kids not living with each other anymore.

    Hope you had fun on you anniversary!


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