Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is the way we live.

This is Pinky on the way to the mail box. It took her 10 minutes to get ready. We all stood at the door yelling "Come on, Pinky!"

Please note that the "parkles" on her shirt match the "parkles" on her pants. She put that together all by herself. I am frightened at the cost to dress this girl looming in the future.

Today, instead of starting work on a 20 pendant order, I am going to drink a glass of wine and watch Ice Age for the 100th time with my kiddos. Aren't I irresponsible? (That's a joke, Eva.)


  1. Wonderful way to live!

    I love the note to Eva, too, because I can just imagine her sweetly rushing in to reassure you.

    I love our little blog circle!

  2. Nothing like that this time ;)

    But I`m thinking that maybe we should learn something from your dear Pinky? Making every little (routines)tasks events? OK, I will probably not put make up on for taking out trash, but still......... ?

  3. She's so adorable. You're so funny!

  4. I'm dying over here!
    Imagining Eva in a silky, bright pink, super hero cape, taking out the trash! LOL!
    She could fly down from her high balcony. "T" tucked under one arm and bag of trash held high in her other!

    I do too, Steph.
    It is just wonderful to be able to share and take part in all of your lives.

    (Ms.Belle - Don't you think I don't know about cape you wear.)

  5. Now, how cute is that? My Maisie is all about that stuff, clothing, sparkly stuff and dressing up, even if it's to hang out in the house all day.

    And good for you with that glass of wine and a movie with the kiddos! :o) We all deserve to have times like that.

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  7. how pretty in pink!!!

    hi shannon i decided to start a blog instead of wait for a web site!

    you have funny insights - i can totally relate on several levels:)


    laura lee/swampmom

  8. We should all own a pink cape!

  9. LOL...was watching superman returns lastnight and thought of your post here. LOL!

  10. She's so cute! The cape is awesome!


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