Monday, September 24, 2007

New Stuff

Okay, I don't know where that last post came from. I had a moment and it's gone now.
I am happy to make my focus my faith, my family, my kids, my work, my friends. Really.

Let's see what we have on the work desk;

I have been buying new supplies, which is so much fun! Experimenting with new images, like the one you see above.
They are very limited in production as I cannot reproduce the same print. So they are special to me.

I also bought a lot of vintage beads to create earrings from. So I can give my hands and wrists a break with the dremel. Lots of pinks, reds, turquoise, lavender and white...

A box full of pmc pieces, waiting to be assembled into necklaces and earrings. I am having trouble making bracelets for some reason... I guess I am just not inspired.

I also acquired some wonderfully varied hand dyed silk ribbon from Patwintergathering and have a few pieces created from some it.

And rings! I can't forget the rings! I stopped making them when every time I would try to buy the ring base the price kept going higher and higher. But people seem to like them.
Especially the ones with trees.

I am also drawing. I would love to create prints with my art work and my favorite quotes.
Poster size would be very cool.

And I decided I am going to write and publish a book. For myself. I have started the brainstorming list of ideas and will edit that a little later after the ideas have had time to simmer.

"How do I do it all ?" your asking yourself ?
Well, my laundry hasn't been done in at least a week. I no longer 'fix' food for my family, instead I simply open and set on table. The vacuum has dust on it and I have not organized any new curriculum for my son, instead I have brought out the dreaded "Work Books".
But the thing I feel most badly about is that I haven't visited anyone's blog and I'm starting to miss your wisdom and life experiences and stories of your kiddos!

Does anyone know how to insert pictures into your post, like where I was talking about the vintage beads? A picture would have been nice. But every time I try to upload where I am at it just ends up on top of the whole post.

I have to go and open a can of food now but I hope to visit you all this evening!


  1. Hi dear!
    I`m glad you are enjoying your own life, instead of longing for someone else`s :))
    And I love that pendant! Because it looks like it`s hand painted with very thin brush. Or maybe it IS hand painted?
    A book! Wow! You are really dreaming BIG! And I´m having you as my role model exactly for that reason :)

    PS don`t worry about house keeping, you will find time for these tasks eventually....

  2. Oh, I am so glad you are feeling better!
    I cannot wait to see all your new projects. Particularly - drawing! Yay!
    And as I am the biggest lover of books - can't wait to hear more about that too!

    You know, nobody ever got to the end of their lives and wished they had kept their home tidier. I am sure of that.

    We have sandwiches for dinner more often than not.

  3. Oh, how I love these women!!!
    Thank you both for being who you are!

  4. You're so talented! You can do all that and still open a can and dish it out to your family. I admire you. I only use the microwave! If it can't be grilled or nuked or put in a toaster, I don't do it.

    A book is cool. I want a copy.

    Love the new work. It's awesome!

    To put a picture into where you want it you have to drag it down to the body. It's a pain in the wazoo. You can also try to copy the html from like Flickr and stick it in the body text where you want it in the "Edit HTML" mode when you are composing your entry. But half the time I just drag it down because it always defaults to the top for some reason. It ain't right.

    My house is a wreck all the time anyway. I figure there's more important things than making sure there's no dog hair on the carpet.

  5. Thank God you came by here Ms Belle!
    I knew you would have the answer!

  6. OOOOOO!

    Fall has arrived at MissFickle's workshop. Yipee kicks!


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