Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sitting way on top it's hard to hear you from up here...

Justin Timberlake.
This line makes me want to be cool again. To have something tangible to hold up in front of society,
"See, I'm hot. I'm talented. I can sing, dance, garner attention, wear cool clothes, look bored."

"I get a half a mill for my beat, you get a half a grand" Shockwave

I know, I know, I'm a good mom.

But I want to be a karate expert. Quote Shakespeare. Smoke without lung cancer.
When did I lose my mystery? My suave? My mojo?
I can't even drive at night now...


  1. Who have told you that you lost it? Why do you want to show all that to society?
    Is n `t it that you have all that you want plus another things "they" don`t have?

  2. But if you still want to know where "it" all has gone - look at your kids - they carry your sparkle now :)

  3. Are you kidding?!
    You are an Etsy superstar!!
    I think you should send that video to every Etsy seller you see ripping off your designs!

    You can still have mystery and mojo! Sounds like it is time to get a babysitter for a night or two!

    And on another note - I understand what you are saying - sometimes I feel like I am just a mommy, too, and while I know you would say the allegedly missing mojo is not as valuable as even one smile from Rex or Pinky, it is still a little sad to give up all those other possibilities of who you could have been.

  4. I can tell it's gone from the way I grunt when I bend to pick something up :)

    I wish the only 5 people I trusted were not in other states and countries.

  5. Then I could have a babysitter.
    That was the rest of my comment.


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