Monday, September 10, 2007

I've been tagged.

Bari J has tagged me for the Middle Name Game and Eva has tagged me for the
Eight Weird Unknown Facts. So here goes;

My middle name is Lee. Shannon Lee Smith, then Shannon Lee German, after my stand up guy of a dad adopted me, now Shannon Lee LeVart, after my fool of a husband threw away a perfectly good bachelorhood and committed to life with me.
But I digress...
Lee was passed down on my mother's side : Virginia Lee, Ginger Lee, Shannon Lee and my sister Robyn Lee. I regret not naming my own daughter with the middle name Lee as I see how cool that is now.

L ~ Labyrinth, as in the confusing network that is my mind.
E ~ Epluribus u num (one out of many, my fellow patriots)
E ~ Eclectic, I am deliberately varied in all I do.

And I tag: Steph, Ginger, Tracey and Eva.

Now the 8 Weird Unknown Facts:
1.) I 'arrange' the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
2.) I always wear black.
3.) I don't like things on my head, in my hair or on my face (like hats, barrettes or make up.)
4.) I have Enochlophobia (you've got Google, look it up).
5.) As a child, I have stuck a total of 3 different foreign substances in 2 of my body parts.
(clay and a paint brush in my ear and blanket fuzzies in my nose. All 3 required a Dr to remove them.)
6.) Before becoming a mom, I always got along a lot better with men then women.
7.) I don't like dogs.
8.) I tell people weird, unknown facts about myself on a public forum.

Now, doesn't that make you want to come back to my blog?
For this I tag : Tracey, Candace, Bari J, and Treasurefield.


  1. Clay... in your ear... (as a child)... HaHa! It would be clay, wouldn't it?
    Your #4 --I share that with ya.
    Um... thanks(?) for tagging me. (Are you saying I'm weird?) ;)

  2. So you wear black as well? It`s good to know :)
    What do you mean by arranging dishes? By color?

    We thought of giving T also middle name - same as for R, but then we dropped it. Now we think that we should have done it :) Well, he can change his name after he turns 16, though.

  3. I'm totally up for the games - problem being, it'll take me a little while. A shift in mindset. Perspective - to see and recognize some of the normal in my everyday that is actually 'weird!' Probably too much . . .

  4. LOL..ok I know, I need to get to this. Do you think it's taken me long enough? LOL I promise, by Monday morning I will post my info. Now all I have to do is think up some non boring things to share with you all again....everyone else always sounds so much more interesting.

  5. I promise not to tag any of you ever again!
    But thank you for trying!

  6. Shannon lee smithJuly 11, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    My name is shannon lee smith..... Keeping it going for you!


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