Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine's Shopping Guide

Lesley from What Designers.com has put together this incredible Valentine's Day shopping guide.
It is chock full of fabulous and very talented designers including one of my personal favorites Rob and Lean from etsy.
I want this ring so badly for my man. It is strong, sexy, tough and bold, almost arrogant.
Plus it is crafted from titanium, something I am hoping he can wear as he has this weird ability to corrode all types of metal. Even stainless steel turns into something that looks as if it was dredged up from the depths of the ocean after Mike wears it for 2 months.
But I digress....
The shopping guide is very cool as it does not contain the usual hearts and flowers, in pink, purple and red. Rather it contains unusual, indie items you know mainstream would overlook.

A tip from Lesley - Stylehive has a lot of hits and pops up on google quite a bit in the first few pages of searches.
Take a moment to sign-up and fill out your profile using the links provided to promote yourself.
Even items I bookmark, (in other words hive) come up under my business name in google.

How do I know that? Because I learned you can create a google alert for any word/name you like and so I submitted my business name and every time I bookmarked something new in Stylehive the google alert would well... alert me.
Ah, the web circle widens.


  1. Interesting things to think about here.

    World domination is my goal for 2008.


    (or knowing my slacker self, a web presence beyond Etsy is my goal for 2008.)


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