Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Some digital play

I love quotes. I really love how other people talk or write. So I have been playing with all these little digital elements and paper collage pieces and forming pictures around my favorite quotes, words, and definitions.
This one is small, but I made several in 8 x 10 that I really like. I tried to upload to flickr but it said no.
I'd like feed back on them before I start a second etsy store and pay for a bunch of prints to be made. I guess that's part of the risk of being a professional crafter/artist though. You never know for sure if some thing is going to sell and it takes a leap of faith to put yourself out there.

Did you see the featured seller this time? Rob and Lean! I was so excited to see them up there and was so encouraged to hear their story. A steel mill worker! Imagine that!?!
I bet they have more tools then me....


  1. I love this!

    I would buy one for my studio.

    Why not list in your current shop? Your name suggests that we should expect all sorts of goodies from you.

  2. Steph! How do you always know just the right thing to say?
    That's what I thought, but my dh (who came up with my current business name) thought I should keep it separate.
    It seems like a pain honestly...
    Thank you though for your encouragement!

  3. Having a second shop is a complete pain.

    I think as long as everything has the same "Missficklemedia" feel, you can mix it up.

  4. i really like it a lot. very simple and pretty. try it in your current shop. you already have traffic!

  5. I love quotes too. And S.Exypery has so many beautiful ones!
    I agree with others here - put these in to your shop, because knowing how much work and commitment it takes to run even one shop, having two can easily turn into nightmare...

    BTW I`d like to award you with "You make my day" blog award!

  6. miss fickle britches

    do it! list them. i love quotes and i love your work.

    good job.

    have a terrific weekend.

  7. Okay, I'm going to do it.
    There is a little more work to be done, research on papers and shipping and stuff but you all have encouraged me to put them out there.
    Thank you!

    And thank you, Eva! You often make my day!
    Do I get a trophy or plaque? Or just this warm, fuzzy feeling inside?

  8. You will get something - from postman!

  9. Oh, these would be great! And I agree, why not in your present shop?! It's beautiful! Go for it!


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