Saturday, February 9, 2008

I should be working...

Well, look it that. I just learned how to resize my images. Now I just have to figure out how to list with low resolution so it would be unattractive to save and copy to someone's computer.
I love postcards, even though it is hard to send them to other people, I really like to collect them.
Perhaps I should create some postcards?

On to another subject...
I raised my prices. Ugh. Now I have items listed that I couldn't buy myself right now. I don't like that.
But I know I couldn't keep doing what I was doing. Wholesale was killing me.
Well, that's a little dramatic, but completing orders for 25 pendants, 110 rings, another 50 pendants and so on was making my hands hurt and the amount of time to organize, communicate, invoice, photograph, and ship was waaaaay to unbalanced for the amount of money I was taking in.
It has pretty much killed my etsy business. Which is money the family counted on and that is something I need to find a solution for.

An item that doesn't hurt to make several of, can be recreated, and sold for under $10.00.

Ummmm, I know! I can glue pretty Japanese papers to scrabble tiles and prop them up in front of little tins... just kidding. Poor Littleput! It makes me feel sorry for her but even more sorry for the people who have convinced themselves that that is what they need to do to make money crafting.

Ah well, maybe Steph will dream something for me.


  1. I understand- raising prices is not funny...but you will get used to new prices soon! And then you look back and think - wow did I really sold my work so cheap? :)
    You can get low res pictures by changing settings on your camera-just change picture size. I use low res attaching pictures to e-mails and high res loading in Etsy or Flickr.
    Take care!

  2. I think your prices look great. It just means a different kind of buyer. I've been tempted to lower prices to get more sales but I know that with the time it takes to do polymer clay, conditioning, mixing colors, sanding, buffing,etc. that I would be my own little sweatshop. I say congrats for making the decision to price higher.

  3. You do what you have to do. That's all there is to it. Everything is increasing in price. I mean EVERYTHING! From milk, to veggies, to sterling silver and gold, to clothes, not to mention GAS for crying out loud, postage is going up, so heck yeah, increase your prices. It's called inflation and we're soon going to be in a recession!! Geez. We can barely afford to feed Kevin!! Well, just kidding there, but it's getting ridiculous!

  4. Hey! I missed a whole bunch of posts the last time I was here. I was too distracted by pinkies toes, I guess!

    So, give the new prices some time. Perhaps it is just a slow month all over - I know it has been extremely slow for me this month, and I have done nothing differently from last month, which was my best month ever. I think in a couple months the new customer base will start establishing itself and you will be really glad you raised prices.

    I wish I could dream up something for you. I sold my dream bracelet last month and I miss seeing it in my shop.

  5. Oh, and yes - do some postcards. I love "The Alliance".
    I started collecting ACEOS last year - perhaps some of them?


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