Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can you guess why the heart is there?

I stumbled upon this little set up the kiddos had going.
Rex, who has the temperament of a saint, tried to play the keyboard we have set up in Pinky's room, but saw that Pinky wasn't going to let him, so he suggests that she find her other piano and set it up right next to him. But she didn't know how to play the music so this photo is of him showing her the colored notes to look for. I wish I could take some credit for this kid, but alas, he'd make Brittany Spears look like a good parent.
(How does she sit like that anyway? My knees would snap and dangle helplessly from my thigh bone.)

What have I been up to? Ummm, well, I made her.... you know how I love old, crusty lookin things...
And him, too. I could just eat this color, it's so refreshing and yummy.And I have been playing with some mixed media digital and silk screened prints....
A little morbid, but that's how I feel.

Since the warm weather, I have started the battle of the ants. Spring time, every year my family knows me as The Ant Warrior. There will be no mercy. They may have made breeches into my castle but they will pay, with the lives of their youth.

I have been asked by 5 different people in the last 2 weeks, how I do what I do with the little block-o-clay. I am not sure if this is a band wagon I want to jump on, or even if it is feasible to offer a how-to. But I did, most certainly did, notice that another clay artist is bringing in an average of $100 a day with a tutorial. Sheesh.
Perry Marshal, a marketing guru I really like to read, says to turn yourself into an expert of information, not a peddler of goods. Don't kill yourself going after and spending tons of money on putting your stuff in front of people, rather make yourself indispensable with valued information and have your market come looking for you. Can we apply this to our craft? Just thinking out loud here.


  1. shannon~
    i like crusty things too.
    rex is such a good big brother. how sweet!

    i love the seahorse pendant. that is a refreshing color.

    thanks for posting on my blog.

    right back at you, babe!

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  3. Beautiful pieces as always. I'm loving the color of the seahorse pendant...makes me want to go walk on the beach barefoot. I can just see me now..yes, the sand, the breeze blowing through my long sun kissed locks. LOL! Oh, what a wild imagination I have today.

    Very cute brother and sister time.

    Can I borrow the The Ant Warrior title too? Twice a year I battle this little annoying armies. They love the bathroom sink and the kitchen. Why they like the bathroom so much is beyond me...guess they need fresh breath. Maybe we should team up and battle these evil little black dots together. LOL!

    Ok, enough of my rambling.

  4. What a good brother!

    Ugh. I am also an ant warrior. Just not quite warm enough here yet, but my day is coming!

    If I were you, I would definately make a tutorial. It captures a whole new market, and you do not have to take anything to the post office. Great idea. People are still going to buy your pendants, because the DIY'ers and the buyers on Etsy are generally not the same people. If I thought anybody would buy a tutorial for stringing beads on cord, I'd be making one myself!


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