Saturday, March 15, 2008

My new friend

Isn't she lovely? With her powdery white skin, tasteful cleavage and brainless opinions?
My new friend has come to stay and her name is betsy (heehee), she will hopefully give shoppers a new vantage point in which to view the jewelry they just need one more reason to buy.
Now how in the world am I going to keep her unsullied in my kid combat zone?


  1. keep her away from the kids' art supplies and she might just make it! love the necklace

  2. I need a Betsy, too. I have been trying to decide just what sort I might get. I was actually thinking I might get a dress form that I could hang 12 long necklaces on at market this summer. Wouldn't that look awesome? But they aren't cheap. (or easy to lug around.....)

  3. Oh, btw, Betsy is worth the investment, because I have a much better sense of the scale of the egg pendants. I know, I know, I could have read measurements in your description, but now I can SEE it.
    (Okay, I really, really need a Betsy.....)

  4. i had a friend like this, once. then christopher got a hold of it and used the bank stamp to decorate it. apparently, he thought she needed some black, to slim her down.

    damn good thing he is cute.

    i will have to find it and take a picture of her and send it to you. so you can laugh.

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  6. awesome, I have been congratulated by a spammer.
    I may die fulfilled now.
    "hugs" to your home theater, dude.

  7. i want your betsy!! hah.
    yes, even in my childless home, i'd still have to go with a solid black (the ultimate stain absorber).
    good luck with her!

  8. shannon~
    where are you. miss you. we need to get into some trouble!


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