Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is a photo of the field across from my house. I am standing on the other side of the road about 20 feet away.

I was in the kitchen and saw some white smoke blow out from behind the church across the street. I think to myself that it is awfully close to a building for some one to be burning brush so I step out the front door and in seconds there was a huge line of fire rushing across the field up to the fence. I grab the phone and dial 911 and they reassured me that the fire dept. was on the way. They were there pretty quickly but watching how fast the fire ate up the dry grass was a little scary. The poor field is black now.

I try not to feel ignored never being on the front page, I mean the last time I checked there were 90,000 etsy members and I'm sure there is way more now.

But I always hoped I would one day be in a treasury that was chosen for front page.

Well, I was! In the same day I was in 2 treasuries that made it to the front page!!!

I didn't even know, but Steph and Candace let me know and it made sense, since that day I did an incredible amount of sales that was badly needed.
But what was really amazing is that a day or two later ( I missed it again ) another photo of mine made it to the front page. I saw it in a recent contacts flickr photos! I feel loved.

For some reason I have had to reconnect to the internet 5 times now while trying to post this, so even though I have more to say, I have to go or I will throw something.


  1. Congratulations on being on front page! I saw your pendant there but it was snapped in minutes, I guess:)
    Love those little egg pendants - they are still my very favorite from all lovely things you make!

  2. congratulations! i'm still waiting on my miraculous front page moment. i'm sure it will come...any minute now...

    in the meantime, i love your stuff. i'm off to heart your shop now :)

  3. Front page is such a random miracle. But there is no advertising you can buy that is as good.


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