Sunday, March 2, 2008

Easter Goods!

So I nearly escaped the horrendous bug going around my house (and a lot of other houses I hear!) when I come down with not one (last week) but 2 colds (right now)! How I can be sneezed on, coughed on, thrown up on, not to mention some other unmentionables and never catch the flu but end up with head colds!?! Weird.

Thursday, I had no internet connection but I was okay with that being busy finishing up my Polka Dot eggs, Beatrix Potter tags and new Hambly silk screened pendants. Yay! They come in cream!
Friday I would have liked to pitch a fit as I was in the middle of listing all my new stuff when it just quit on me again. So what are the chances of needing a new modem AND a new router? AT THE SAME TIME!?! Yeah, I'll just go pull that $150 off the ol money tree.

Time has been very limited on the computer and I want to visit your blogs so I will sign off here with hopes of returning with something new soon!


  1. easter eggs! how cute! what will you think up next?

    sorry you have a head cold. that suxs-sista!

    glad your house is almost well.

    modem & router problems sux, too.

    have a good day. feel better soon.


  2. I love your jewelry designs. So cute. I'm glad I found your blog! Thanks for coming by my blog!

  3. Glad to hear the family is feeling better and I hope you are too.

    Hope your modem and router problems are fixed soon. I hate it when the computer has's like going with out coffee...I need it everyday! What was life like before my computer? LOL!:)

  4. Computer problems make me cranky!!

    Hope you are on the mend.

    The little eggs are so sweet.

    Screenprinted pendants? Do you have a gocco now?

  5. Oh, wouldn't it be cool if I did?!
    We could trade, my gocco for your button machine!
    Hambly silk screens their rub ons and papers by hand, they are totally cool.
    I have an idea for a post on rub ons...


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