Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm on Cuteable!

So I have been really trying to utilize Flickr for feedback about different aspects of my product.
Joining groups and making contacts has been a lot of fun.
I found this one called cuteable late last night and added my photo of one version of the little Black Bird. Well, this morning I wake up to a little note from Lesney that I was featured on the Cuteable blog!
It's a very good blog, with lots of very cute things that I think you all might like.
I was honored to be mentioned.
Here is an added comment....
As I was going through past comments looking for new people I see a comment by Candace about a previous write up about some of my pieces in this adorable blog Cutable;
I was so surprised to have missed it! In November of last year!
I have really got to get my act together.

I am also uploading a few of my Spring and Easter items to Flickr today.
The above, in addition to a few old favorites like Speckled Eggs, Beatrix Tags and Egg in the Hand pendants.
I have a few more ideas I'm waiting for all the parts to come in for, I'm very excited about them.
This has been a long, hard, cold winter, maybe not as hard and long as for the women in 'Cold Mountain ' nor as cold come to think of it, but anyway I am especially grateful for the Spring season coming up. I need lightness, and fresh air, and the green of new plant life.

I also wanted to say thank you to those of you that reassured me and encouraged me in my moment of disappointment. Logically I recognize I can't be perfect and I can't please everyone, but my heart sure doesn't. I need to learn to ignore what is irrational and unfair and learn from what I can. I was hoping for some uplifting comments and you all uplifted!
I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of blogging friends, thank you again.


  1. Oh, I love all your pendants. They're beautiful. And your jewelry is very droolable too!

    We're glad to be there to lift you up. We need it too sometimes and you're there for us. You give what you get. The people who give us neutral and/or negative feedback out of spite or because they are upset and don't take time to contact us or work it out, they really must not think before they act. They'll get it coming back their way one of these days on themselves in one form or other. I know and you know that we do our best and strive to make the customer happy. But you just can't make everyone happy. It's just too bad people have to be that way. So uplifting we shall be for each other!

  2. you are "cuteable".

    i can not wait for spring, either.

    glad pinkerton is on the mends. she is absolutely adorable.

    take care. need to send you a convo.

  3. I was glad to feature you on Cuteable - your work is gorgeous and I'm glad I made your day!

  4. Have to check out "Cuteable". You are such a great source of cool sites.

    We have had an icky slushy winter. Funny you mention "Cold Mountain" - I have been reading a book about the civil war and thinking how good we have it.

    I am sorry your winter has been full of bad stuff - Spring will be here soon. Cannot wait to see what you are working on - mysterious!


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