Monday, February 18, 2008

How was your Valentine's?

How did you celebrate LOVE this assigned day of the year?

I was whisked away in a private jet to Paris where I was wined and dined in the finest French restaurants and then danced the night away in chic clubs where I stunned everyone with my natural beauty and grace.
Then I was cherished and adored the whole night (wink,wink,nudge,nudge) by a witty, charming, attentive man who made claims of life long faithfulness and whispered French nothings in my delicate, shell like ear that dripped with artisan jewels....

Reality check.
I did not do the above but I was very grateful that Miss. Princess Pinkerton finally started to get better after being diagnosed with 2 ear infections and pneumonia on top of her flu.
As I dozed on the couch exhausted from being woken every 2 hours the night before, she snuck into the kitchen and set up her "tap class" which involved a box of nibbled chocolates, her star pillowy, total fairy princess dress up, and a Dora Valentine's book.
How precious is that!?!

I love the photo of baby toes by a box of chocolates!
We gave each other pedicures and brushed each others hair and watched movies, it was nice.
I think I prefer that kind of Valentine's anyway...


  1. Pinky beats that Paris fantasy anyday!

    I was sick on Valentine's Day, but the next day we bundled into the blue van and headed to north western PA for a cozy cabin on a snowy hill. Did I remember my camera so that I could blog about it? No. Bad, bad blogger.

  2. That Pinky is just the cutest thing. She's so adorable. Soooo glad to hear she is feeling better but was just horrified to hear she had been that ill! Poor little thing!

    I helped Kevin fill out all his Valentine's for his classmates and he had a great time!

  3. Oh, and I am passing on the "Make my Day "Award to you! I just love reading your blog!! - see my blog for details

  4. I love your little Princess! She is so perfect!
    If I remember right, I was with you in Paris....?

  5. So precious! Pedicures and getting better beat Paris any day.


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