Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Pancake Puff Pan!

Let me explain.
2 weeks ago, dh came home with the flu, one of the 30 flu viruses out there, I hear.
His flu is like a really bad head cold, because he's so tough. But even this one put him, exemplar of pure manhood that he is, out for 5 days.
Now the kids have it. They are on day 6, Boo seems okay although he woke up at 3:00am with a fever. Please God, let him go to the Valentine's Class Party.
Pinky has it really bad.
You Mama's know... 103 temperature, constant snot, a racking cough that sounds like they have been smoking for 20 years, projectile vomiting, diarrhea and lethargic behavior.
Scary stuff.
The worst feeling in the world is to see your child in such a state and not be able to do a darn thing for them.
Anyway, I, whom has never bought anything from a t.v. infomercial, was convinced by Pinkerton, the little pathetic sickie that she is, that the Pancake Puff Pan was something we absolutely could not live without.

It's awesome. I can't tell you how much I love it.

Because it is so much fun (who can resist watching things magically puff into edible balls?)
you can get away with making things that have wheat germ and even broccoli puffed up inside them.
I think 80% of our meals will be served inside some type of batter now. (The other 20% will still consist of food from cans or frozen bags.)
I would definitely recommend a flavor filler thingy, as we would like to fill them with gooey stuff and find this next to impossible to do quickly and easily with cake decorating bags.
We have made pink cake puffs, donuts, corncakes, hush puppies and muffin balls. I would like to get a good blend of soy flour to cut down on the calories, but haven't done so yet.
Here is a link if you would like your own Pancake Puff Pan.

Lovely new things added to the store. I am starting to hammer stuff and hope to build up a good choice of stock for those who like rustic, antiqued metals.

On another subject, our laptop was in repairs for a month, which made me cave and admit to dh that he did a good thing by charging a laptop to the uncomfortably bulging Best Buy card, because I could barely get by without it, but they had to replace the hard drive which lost hundreds of bookmarks, my spell checker and my dictionary. So now I will be revealed for the illiterate, dyslexic, ignorant hick that I am.


  1. I can't believe I've never seen the commercial for the Pancake Puff Pan! I had to get on the official website to see it. I have to admit that I'm tempted.

  2. Happy Valentine`s Day!!!!!

    So sad about illness...
    I hope they are getting better very, very soon!
    I know, it`s so hard to see your kids suffering, and not being able to do much. In times like this I like just be with them (or one of them). We lie down and do nothing. Tell each other stories and sing quietly and whisper: you will get better, you are strong and you have everything in you to conquer this illness...
    Take care!

  3. daughter Hannah thought the pancake puff pan was neat too when she saw the commercial. It does look like fun. :)

    You're not alone with the flu running rampant through your household...we have it here too. I'm finally on the recovery end myself, but it's now making rounds with the rest of the family. I hope everyone there feels better soon.

    Don't worry about the spell check...I would never have a problem understanding what you're saying...I too have a illiterate, dyslexic problem. LOL!

  4. So running off to google that pan. how cute! I hope your kids are better soon.

  5. great.

    i am so glad my boys can not read, because if they read this post. i would have to order the pancake puff pan. my two year old, Chris, screams like a little girl when he sees this commercial. he wants one so bad.

    i am so sorry you have a house full of sick ones. i know when your babies are sick, you feel so helpless. we have been sick again, too. friday we spent the afternoon, on the couch cuddle up & watching a movie.

    take care.

    hugs & smooches

  6. Thank you all for the get well wishes!
    It shocks me how many people had this thing all over the U.S. at the same time.
    Stay healthy!

  7. I really hope you all get better soon. It sucks being sick.

    Never saw the infomercial. But I love puffed anything!

  8. We finally saw that commercial tonight while watching TV. And who do you think wanted one? Of course, Kevin did! So I told him that you had one and he said "who is she?". I told him that you were the one who sent him the glitter storm and he said "can we go to her house so we can eat some and I can play with the little girl?" :D

  9. That pancake puff pan is otherwise known as a "poffertje" pan in Holland, where I grew up. I was raised on poffertjes! We ate them w/ a pat of butter and some powdered sugar. Delish! Did they give you a recipe book or anything with the pan? Here's a link:

    And here's a link to a poffertjes recipe, just in case your pancake puff pan didn't have one:

    The only thing better than poffertjes was ollieballen (direct translation: oil balls, I kid you not) which we got to eat when the carnival came to town.

    Wheeee -- that took me back. Thanks! :-)

  10. I hope everyone is feeling better!

    Let me know when Ginger is coming over for pancakes and a playdate - I want to come too!

  11. Wow! You all are invited!
    This is going to be the best Puff Party ever!
    We should each bring our own filling...


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