Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Joseph Blake, My New Favorite Artist!

I just found this guy on etsy, scrolling through the recently listed items!
His name is Joseph Blake and you can see all of his work here.
There is that dreamy quality I look for in art, an escape from reality, I think.
But I also really enjoy the way he uses boyhood as a focal point in so many pieces.
I really enjoy watching my own son in nature, exploring, discovering, pretending, running.
So full of life and vitality!
I think Joseph Blake captures all this really well and softens it to dream state.
I feel he is going to do well on etsy and hopefully the world over!


  1. I have hearted his shop too! Lovely scenes from childhood - dreamy and sweet...I really have to think whether some of his prints will go up to my boys room :)

  2. Oh, he's wonderful! Thanks for turning us on to him!


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