Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is it that time already?

Because both kiddos have dairy allergies, we tend to downplay the arrival of the ice cream man, who is coming earlier and earlier each year.
But this year, Rex ran inside, grabbed his change he's been saving and ran back outside without a word to us about what he was doing.
Curious, we followed him out there and there he is flagging down the ice cream truck.
He even got a dollar off his humongous ice cream!

We have been busy with yard work this past week, cleaning out the shed, mowing the lawn, getting the cat box, er, sand box ready for the Pinkerton.
I spent about 2 hours power washing mud off the side walk in front of our house, where punk kids in pick ups keep driving through our yard, creating a mud puddle between the side walk and street edge when it rains.
It's horrible. They've gotten it so deep now that when they drive through it, mud, debris, and water shoot 10 feet into the air. I thought they were done with this game because I had called the cops on them, but after they saw me washing the side walk they started it up again.
I am trying really hard not to feel like a victim here.

Anyway, it's nice to be making plans for the summer. We have a couple of camping trips set up, swimming, story time at the library, roller skating, six flags amusement park, and of course
'The Birthday's' .
Pinky has already picked out her dress for her party and Rex has his presents listed.
Princess's and Indiana Jones are the themes for this year.
Lots and lots of fun!


  1. Cute piture. :)

    Sounds like you have a fun summer ahead for you and the kids. My girls aren't doing the story time at the library, but they are signing up for the reading program. Theresa is a book worm and Hannah has also become a more active reader. My little Maise starts school this fall and I'm so sad about that. :(

    I have a question to ask you, so please stop by my blog to read it. Thanks!

  2. maybe you could put some really big rocks in your yard where the punks keep driving. if they are dumb enough to drive over them you will have exacted your revenge!

  3. Reading programs are a wonderful way to get kiddos excited about the library. I hope they discover new worlds!

    Rocks is a much better suggestion then the nails hammered into 2 by 4's my husband is working on!


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