Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Uh oh, manic crafting episode.

Completely in my element, creating atcs, researching supplies for kits (ie shopping!), creating hand dyed, vintage seam binding and photographing all the goodies.
I love it! You should see my kitchen! Paper, ribbon, crepe paper, ink pads and glass glitter everywhere.

This is a close up of the seam binding. Ohhhhh.
I found some vintage brand Huggs binding in the color oatmeal and once I started dying it I couldn't stop!
I have about 100 yards of gorgeous, pastel and muted shades of butterscotch yellow, cranberry pink, cotton candy pink, bottle green, sea green, and a marigold orange. I couldn't quite get the shade of blue that I wanted, I will have to work on that.
I had a blast, though and all I really needed was a few yards to compliment the atc sample I needed to create for the class. Mmmmm, perhaps after the kits are completed other people might like to purchase some?


  1. oooooooooooooooo. i'm right there with you. what's etsy if not ease of speaking with customers/sellers? i'm sorry about the idiot. i wish there were less of them around.

  2. the atc is beautiful and dreamy.

    mean people are stinky.

    (and I need to read you blog more often - is this the first time you mentioned a second shop?)

  3. Ooh, that mean customer makes my stomach hurt for you.

    The atc is beautiful and I love the seam binding. Could I ask how you dyed it? Hand dying is my new obsession.

  4. Thank you for feeling my pain.
    The customer has since responded with
    "her son was looking at it and almost broke it, I was expecting a nice thick, pendant."
    Can I just say.... HUH!?!


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