Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whoa, busy time, whoa.

So we went camping....Which was a blast. The kids had the best time, swimming, paddle boats, sports arena, mini golf, camp fire stories and songs, Big Pappa's grilled hamburgers, roasted marshmallows, a petting zoo, a water fall, a hike.... We packed it all in a couple of days!
I forgot the sheets and blankets and froze overnight, but all in all for our families first camping trip it couldn't have gone any more perfect.
Our next camping trip will be at a beach, so Pinkerton says.

Then Pinky's award ceremony....
Isn't she cute!?! They sang songs and counted to 30, then read their phonic sounds. Have I mentioned she loves being on stage?

Then it was Boo's award ceremony, he was awarded 3 medals, one of them honor roll for his 95 to 100% grade average. We are so proud! He had to "catch up" to the rest of the class so he worked doubly hard to complete all his work. I was even more proud of how he made everyone laugh on stage with his bowing. He is such a funny kid!

We have a field trip tomorrow, Memorial Day plans, last day of school and then it's summer!


  1. I'm glad you guys had a fun time camping...everyone looks happy! The first time we went camping, it ended up cold, raining and our tent leaked (there was no sealant on it and we didn't know we should put a tarp over top)....we were all freezing. That didn't stop our crazy butts from trying it again! LOL!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! Your camping trip looked like a blast! The ceremonies were stupendous! And way to go to both of them! Big high fives!


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