Thursday, May 29, 2008

To the Zoo!

We visited the St. Louis Zoo yesterday with some family. A most glorious day, with a slight breeze and sunny skies. It was nice to be outside after suffering several days of storms (tornado warnings on Sun. and Mon. ) Our front yard floods with each rain and then even though it is nice the next day, the yard is still a swamp and not very much fun to run around in.
Some day soon we will have a yard, perhaps on a beach in Belize?
We could move down there and camp in a tent until we get green cards to work and find a shack to set up home in. What? It could work, I know it could.
I think we would be labeled expats, ex patriots.
Yikes, I don't like that. I love America even for all it's flawed history. I just can't afford to buy beach front property here.
Okay, I've gone off on a tangent. But I will have more to talk about tomorrow, or next week.

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  1. Zoos are fun! Pretty soon that's the only place we'll be able to see some animals like polar bears and perhaps even lions.

    If your front yard floods and stays wet, do you all get bothered a lot by mosquitoes? We do and we're still even in a severe drought. What purpose do those critters serve anyway?


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