Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vintage Enameled Jewelry Components

That's right! All 3 of you who read my blog get a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous vintage assemblage blooms I will be listing for the next few weeks.

They were extremely fun to design, the kitchen table was a mess again as I arranged and rearranged approx. 20 different necklaces and 15 different pairs of earrings.
They are crafted from vintage findings, like enamel blooms, lucite flowers, rhinestones, glass, pearl, and stones.

I will list my supplier for these AUTHENTIC Vintage Enamel pieces in my upcoming book; Handmade Underground Jewelry. The project they are featured in shows you how assemble a necklace pendant into a brooch!


  1. Wow!! So pretty and shiny! Make more!

  2. Wow, I just love the vintage feel of them. They came out absolutely gorgeous! Quick, run and grab some more findings!!

  3. pfft, there have to be at least four of us because there are 4 comments... i love your blog. love the colors on the brooch.

  4. I've been seeing your pics on Flickr. It seems you just get better and better and it just makes me wonder how in the world you do it. Keep it up! They're fantastic!

  5. ah the american beauty is soooo lovely! oh how you "disassembled" and reassembled giving new life to these awesome pieces! i went through something similar with tearing apart all my old turquoise & earthy jewelry and giving new funky breath to some one of a kind pieces. jack johnson would be so proud - reduce reuse recycle! seeing how life started with ebay which got too big for it's britches, then etsy, which is doing the same perhaps it's time for a new offshoot called ezzy. lol...anything is possible!


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