Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Boo/Rex!

Okay, Boo/Rex. My gamer, animal lover, explorer, engineer, archer, fisherman, swimmer.
How does it feel to be 8?

From last year;
His favorite color - orange
His favorite food - fried chicken legs
His favorite drink - sierra mist
His favorite movie - any Star Wars
His favorite song - Gospel Boogie by T-Bone
His favorite thing to do - new computer games
His favorite place to be - home (I'm serious. He NEVER wants to leave.)
His favorite person - his Dad

And this year;
His favorite color - orange
His favorite food - pizza
His favorite drink - root beer floats
His favorite movie - Star Wars 3 - Revenge of the Sith (he is a huge General Grevous fan)
His favorite song - I'll need to find this out and get back to you.
His favorite thing to do - create Spore creatures
His favorite place to be - home
His favorite person - his Dad

Doesn't he look natural? He is now interested in archery. And shooting. Any weapons in general come to think of it.

This makes me queasy inside but I refuse to make a big deal about it. Thinking along the lines of... if I make it forbidden, he will still be interested but he will keep it a secret and try to find out about shooting behind my back. This is speculation on my part because he is a completely honest person, I am perhaps thinking of the future when he is not always under my watchful eye, ie....
"Hi sweetie, where'd you go today?"
" Oh, just a friends house"
" What did you do?"
"Hung out in his woods behind his house"
"Cool, I'll bet the woods are pretty this time of year "

While in reality they have found his dad's gun, figured out how to undo the safety and are going to call some friends and shoot cans off each others heads.

My plan is to give the facts.
How people each year have died from gunshot wounds, where the lack of knowledge is and the correct way to go about learning how to shoot properly.
Pray with every fiber in my being that he gets bored and moves onto a new and safer interest.
(breathe, G.G. just breathe.)

He recently won the City of Warrenton Kid's Fishing Derby 2008 for total weight of fish caught.
He received a plaque and a ribbon and a feature in the local newspaper!

But the best thing was the way his Big Pappa's chest almost split in 2 from pride.
Mike is an avid fishermen and he has been struggling to find common ground with Rex, outside of gaming, that the both of them could enjoy doing together.

This photo above is one I caught after finding out Pinky has been sneaking into his room in the middle of the night and snuggling up with her big brother. Look at how he grabbed her star pillowy!
When she is mad at us she goes to her Boo, often telling us that "Boo is going to take care of her and put her to bed" . Would you believe he does? He even remembers to have her brush her teeth and reads her a story!

When I think about your future I am so overwhelmed with hope, I begin crying. There is so much potential in you. Potential to change the world with your words and actions.
I strongly feel the need to stand aside and keep out of the way of what is happening in your life.
Always there to comfort and encourage but keep my own flaws away from your fresh thinking.
You are intense, passionate, caring, brilliant and strong. You instinctively seem to know right from wrong and you hold me to this standard. I am so grateful for your presence in my life and the huge, tremendous blessing I have been given to be your Mom.
Please God, don't let me screw it up.


  1. Oh Shannon. How touching.

    Happy Birthday Boo/Rex!!!

    You truly are blessed and I don't believe for a minute you'll screw anything up.

    I tend to agree that if you educate them about the things that are potentially dangerous they'll learn to respect them and be more cautious. Let's hope anyway. That's really all we can do. And I also agree that if you forbid something it will just make them more curious about it. (Any suggestions would be helpful.)

    I love coming here and reading things like this. It makes me feel not so alone in wondering how to handle just these very things.

  2. I love the birthday posts.

    weapons. sigh.


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