Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Stuff

Mike took the kids and their cousin Katie to Grandma Dee's over 4th of July weekend.
They had a wonderful time, boating, swimming and watching fireworks.
It was very quite here, I spent most of my time creating but I do not have photos to show just yet.
Here is a closer shot of Grandma Dee. The kiddos adore her and are talking excitedly of their next visit!

She is one of those blessed women that become more beautiful as time passes.
Here is Rex under water, a huge milestone...

And another of Miss. Pinky on the boat....

Then they came home and we had the combined birthday party. Friends out of town, work schedules, etc kept us from scheduling the party earlier so we planned it for the 6th at Monkey Joe's, a huge bouncy fun place.
I could not for the life of me get a good photo...
But they had a blast.
Then to the park after wards, for cake and presents.
Fun was had by all!

We have watched movies like Zathura, Stuart Little, Annie, High School Musical, Veggie Tales, Pokeman, Barbie Nutcracker Suite, Madagascar and have read fantastic books like The Tale of Desperaux, Ruby Valentine, Hunwicks Egg, Insect Soup, Spanish Shapes, When I was Five, and Twoo Twit.

We have built Lego habitats, put on Barbie plays, enacted a paper doll beach scene, conducted music, shot out parachutes from Rex's rocket fishing pole (doesn't work for fishing but it sure does shoot things far up in the air!), built Hogwort's castle from Klutz's building cards, watched a puppet show, a magic show and Pinky has given herself a haircut.

We also visited Missouri Botanical Garden's for the free night with free admission into the children's play park and music. There was a fantastic mosaic artist called Niki.

It was extremely hot and I had injured my foot a few days before that started to hurt again after 3 hours of walking, but I would love to go back , my sister met us down there with her sweeties and our G.G. and Poppy came, it was a wonderful family time.

They have fountains the kids can play in!Right after this photo, Pinky pulled her pants down and mooned us. When we asked her why she said "I wanted a picture of my butt and I wanted to feel the water there." Oy ve!

Well, I have actual orders to pull and pack all because the lovely Steph Gibson included me in one of her glorious treasuries that made it to the front page!!!


  1. Sounds like you're having a great summer!

  2. You are so sweet!

    Holy cow your kids are getting big. This is what I get for neglecting my blog reading, I guess.

    Pinkerton is so tall!


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