Monday, July 21, 2008

The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ugh. It just keeps getting worse as it goes on. Is there a hole I can crawl into?
Cars are broken down, husband tries to fix them but doesn't, then doesn't mention to me that I am without a car, I tell mom, "No thanks, we don't need to borrow the car." She goes off to paint in a church building that doesn't get reception on her phone.

I print all the paypal labels and start to look for the keys, shoot, Mike must have them. I will get the kids ready and walk down to the mail drop box, it's only 110 degrees. The packages do not fit in the drop box, they need to be taken to the post office which is too far away to walk to.

But before we get back up to the house, my daughter who is trying to be like mom and carry a mail bag stuffed full of things she is "delivering" bends over to pick up trash, jumps in surprise when I exclaim loudly "NO!" spills her mail bag of toys down the hill. I go running after the various cheap toys that she is crying over, hurt my foot again and look up in time to see a car turn wildly into our subdivision nearly missing the hysterical 4 yr. old, sobbing on the side of the street.

We get inside, both of us a wreck. My husband calls, tells me the landlady has lost the info needed from the state to keep us from being evicted, gives me the info to give to her, THEN decides to communicate about the state of the cars, with the information that he cannot get home until after 5 pm.

I now need to void all the labels, contact the customers that I gave my word to that I would be shipping out on Monday and let them know of the delay.

As I am doing this I receive news, through email that the book deal I was offered has been canceled.
This was the thing that kept me going, "I'm going to be published!" who cares that sales from etsy have dropped to less then half of what they were, wholesale and consignment orders are at a stand still, there is no money to advertise and a general overall lack of creativity!?! I was going to be an author.

Sadness overwhelms me.
I cannot find comfort in food because I have started to eat healthy and there isn't a scrap of chocolate in the house or nearby vicinity.

Good God. My self esteem has taken a beating today.


  1. oh that sucks, can I suggest this?

    be well, surely it can't get any worse? think of all those carbon emissions you saved not driving? doesn't help? :-) don't let the turkeys get you down.

  2. Hi Shannon - I'm sorry to read you've had such an awful day. :( I hope things brighten up tomorrow. I just now read your comment in my blog... since I'm a total blog slacker and don't check it often. I've admired your work for awhile! I love all the colors and designs you use - we definitely have the same tastes. And of course I love all your earrings as I have a huge obsession with vintage beads myself. (and pretty much all the colors they come in). I'm envious of your success and so many sales! It looks like your advertising has paid off. My sales have dropped dramatically this summer too, as they did last summer. I guess people love the beach and, (I think,) Etsy is just getting too huge.

    Hope things start looking up for you!

  3. dear miss ficklemedia,
    every so often i look at your stuff and wonder how you got the amazing talent:) i cant purchase your stuff since i'm from the philippines and it would cost me way too much:( but you have inspired me to try my hand on polymer clay and have made a few pieces for my kids:)It's sad to hear that your going through this time and i got quite confused when you went missing in etsy..really..i do hope that you don't get discouraged by all the fuzz of life and still stay strong . life goes on...keep on have enormous talent and you are so resourceful...sorry if i'm soo cheesy..but i think you need someone to tell you...storms..well..the rainbow comes after each storm..just hang on:)

  4. Oh sweetie! What a crappy day.

    I hope it gets better and that your break will help you get some peace and renewed energy.

    Interesting how many people feel like their etsy enterprise has sucked the creativity right out of them. Like the business of capturing the next sale and producing the bestsellers just saps all your energy and ideas.

    I am sending all sorts of happy thoughts your way!!!

  5. her - I love Laughing Ethan! My whole family gathers around to watch when that video comes up.
    Thank you for the smiles.

    Green Leaf and Owl, my blog is honored by your kindness! I wish we could get together for a clay/play date! Keep our kiddos occupied while we bake up new creations.

    Oshea - you do beautiful work yourself and when I read that comment I almost started to cry. Thank you for your encouragement.

    Steph Gibson breaks her blog silence and leaves me sweetness!
    Thank you, I totally feel better now.

  6. Some day you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you. It certainly sounds like the beat ate you this time and I feel so sorry for you. You don't deserve that kind of crap. I hope the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day never rears its ugly head again in your presence and that everything turns around for you.

  7. oh, man, sugar feet. i am so sorry that you are having a craptastic day! you my friend, deserve, nothing but happiness. i am so sorry that your book deal was pulled. what jerks! THEIR LOSS! I wished you did not live so far away. I would be there lickety-split with liquor...lots of liquor! You said, that you were eating better, and that is drinking. Two different things.

    Do not give up. You are a very talented. It will get better. Rememeber: what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

    oshea said it best: the rainbow comes after the storm.

    Shannon~ You have become a dear, dear friend.

    Here is something to make you laugh. I know you like my funnies.
    Thursday night we were eating pizza, the crust had huge air bubbles on top. Christopher starts poking them saying, "honk,honk". and then announces to his daddy, "look mommy's boobies" - he was honking them just like his daddy honks mine.

    I hope that made you laugh.

  8. Oh, sweet girl. Have I had days like this! I'm so sorry! Ugh, ugh and uck! I'm feeling the need to send you a candy bar. If only I wasn't on Weight Watchers, I'd have supply!

    Hang in there regarding the book deal. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but I have found that sometimes things fall through because there's something better on the horizon. You rock and we all know it!


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