Monday, July 28, 2008


So I am done being negative. Everybody has bad days and I am so grateful that you all offered sympathy. It was just what I needed. In addition to a hissy fit, colorful language and a couple of rum and cokes.

Rex's first Mohawk!
He has been talking about it for a while now. When I asked him why he said he wanted to color it green and spike it like a mutant stegosaurus. Well, okay, I said.
So the day before he starts Vacation Bible School, Mike gives him a Mohawk.
I think he looks good. We have to wait for the money to buy the green hair coloring and proper gel though.

I have been making clay bezels like a mad woman. I enjoyed their altered look so much I had to design necklaces for them. Here are a few of my favorites;

I relished the process of creating a pdf tutorial so much that now whenever I sit down to experiment I take pictures of the steps involved and make notes about what works and what doesn't.
I now have 4 different tutorials in the works.


  1. Oh good, more tutorials! I bought your one for embossing on poly clay pendants and it was so great! I haven't posted my pics yet, but I love the ones I did.

    I'm not sure what tutorials you have in the works, but I'd love to know how you get your poly clay pendants so smooth and pretty. AND how you get the hole for the jump ring so perfect!

    I learn best by watching a process and tutorials (with pics!) are the next best way (other than in person), don't you think? I'll be watching for your new tutorials!


  2. Well, I don't know where to begin!

    First of all, Rex looks fantastic!

    Second - I cannot believe those are clay! They are so gorgeous and evocative and lovely. What a wonderful new project!


  3. Samantha - I am shrieking with delight over here! I can't wait to see what you made with this technique!
    Please show me! Please, please, please? With embossing powder on top?

    Steph, Thank you for cheering me on. Evocative is a fantastic word and I am going to use it in my listing description.

  4. Rex looks adorable! He'll be the shiznit among his friends now.

    I just checked my blog and saw your comments. Thanks so much and I'm sorry it took so long to respond. With work and stuff the blog gets neglected, but I'm vowing to do better.

    Please envision me sticking out my tongue to the stupid fools who balked on your deal. Their loss, for sure.

    Nesie aka WiggySis1

  5. I just wanted to let you know... I posted a few pictures of the pendants I made. Not nearly as wonderful as yours, but maybe I'll get close with more practice! :)

  6. OMG - gorgeous new creations!

    If we have a little boy someday, I want him to be just like Rex. Seriously - - -:)

    Glad your days are on the upswing!


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