Friday, August 22, 2008

Creating Polymer Clay Bezels

At 27.7 mb, I am finding it difficult to send to the average users email but a wonderful customer let me in on a little secret (okay, maybe not a secret, just unbeknown to me).

Lisa of, has told me that if you go to, you can use their service to send really large files. Yes, this means I do not have to condense and revise! Or keep offering to send disc's free of charge.

I am constantly amazed at the people I have come into contact with online. Giving, passionate, kind. I know some people are cynical about online friendships, but being part of the world wide web has enabled me to 'meet' and connect with people I would never had the opportunity to learn from in the"real world".

Thank you to all of you who have taken minutes out of your busy schedules to give advise, encourage, teach, explain and placate me. You have allowed me to further a dream.

Now back to, I have had a group (herd, tribe, clan) of art dolls on my work desk. Sculpted, but not to my satisfaction. They tend to take a Elvin/masculine character after the eyes are put into place. Which is fine. But I want to sculpt more whimsical, sad eyed girls. offers online classes by the amazingly talented Marilyn Radzat.
And several others I admire and hope to be able to learn from.

I love to create art dolls because they encompass so many different media's - polymer/paper clay sculpting, fiber, fabric, sewing, paper, collage, assemblage, and of course beads.
They also offer the opportunity to create fantastical worlds that help me escape from reality.
I like to go back in time and see how the early dolls were assembled and take inspiration from those techniques. I believe I could create something unique by using today's modern supplies.
You've heard there is nothing new under the sun, right? Well, I believe that to a certain extent, but with new inventions and materials being created in this day and age, it is my opinion we live in a very exciting time, we can truly come up with original works.
I hope to work towards a day where I can utilize all of the modern supplies, experimenting with out worry of cost!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the tip for sending huge files. I can even use this at work, maybe.

    Post a pic of your dolls?

  2. Hear, hear! pictures of dolls, please!


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