Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some fickle things ...

Pinky's beaded bracelet. I love the mix of colors and textures, orange with red and white striped, pink and purple, green! I would have never thought to put these together. Aren't kids wonderfully inspiring? Rex even put together some earrings! I'll have to show you those, too.

I found a tutorial online for singeing silk. Then I proceeded to play with fire. heehee. I've made over 20 of them. I love the vintage look of them and so I named mine Tattered Blooms.
Perfect for a steam punk look. I've got red for Christmas, too!

I collaged this a few nights ago. She is available in my etsy shop now as an art print.
A woman with a sword. Cool.
She actually is an opera singer but I am afraid I have misplaced her name!

And finally... I was thrilled to find that some vintage silver filigree oxidized beautifully.
With the golden, gray, blue and green colors that I love from liver of sulpher, I paired them with some faceted lime Chalcedony briolettes.
I think I just might have to keep a pair of these.

Can you believe it's the middle of August already? Are you getting ready for back to school?
Rex has decided to be home schooled again, I can focus a little better now that business is not so extreme and have decided to try again (I am preparing ahead of time for a busy Christmas season).
But Pinky is missing her school so much I am hoping we are able to enroll her in her K4 class she was looking forward to attending. Until then I will have to put my nose to the grindstone to come up with learning activities that will keep her occupied and stimulated.
I like this site.
And this book.
Those should help until October at least.


  1. I could totally eat that bracelet all up and not even share! It's so lovely - kids have the most amazing insight and creativity:) I see you found me - ah ha! As I have the honor to have been added to your list of folks to check out, the least I can do is update the darn blog! I just never really figured I had much to say but maybe I do. Some day! TGIF dear Shannon - have a great weekend! - Laura

  2. I love Pinky's bracelet and the earrings!

    And good luck with the homeschooling!

  3. I love the singed silk flowers Shannon! Gorgeous! Love your choice of fabric.

    The beaded bracelet is wonderful! No one speaks to color like a kid!! ~Cindy Lietz

  4. Wow that bracelet is amazing! It makes me want to eat it!!


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