Thursday, October 23, 2008


First off, you know how you sit down to get some tedious computer work done and find yourself, hours later, lost in a new discovery on line?
Well, that's what happened the other day.
And this is what I found:

How thrilling!
I knew his name, Neil Gaiman, sounded familiar but could not place it until I saw his book cover for "The Day I Swapped 2 Goldfish for My Dad" which Rex and I had read over and over when he was 6.
He works with the most amazing artists for his books and now his story Coraline will be a movie.
By the same director who directed Nightmare Before Christmas! Oh. Oh. OH. I am so excited to see this.

Not only that but I learned that Tim (the man that inspired me to create art dolls) Burton is working on a new movie ......
Alice in Wonderland!

Don't you love Alice's costume?

I left the computer behind in editing but completely inspired that day!


  1. I absolutely cannot wait to see more from both of these people. I love love love both of these guys!!

  2. Ghostie Greetings! Well I definetly klnow how that goes...I've wandered for hours now! I gather alot of inspiration but by the time I'm done there is no time to create! Love Tim Burton,can't wait for the Alice movie or Coraline!
    Have a SpOOktacular weekend!


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