Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Requests For Art Dolls

A strange day, which started at 4 in the morning, with me getting horribly sick.
You do not want to know details.
But I am giving myself permission today to take it easy, drink lots of peppermint tea, catch up on blogs, read and feed the children microwavable food. :)

But I have a few non-people I would like to introduce:

First we have Morris. He was requested by my 8 yr old son, Rex.
I am now supposed to create a blue, wrinkled zombie as Morris was not quite horrific enough. (I really like him though AND his hands are some of the best I have ever sculpted.)

He has no story, but he leads a rather exciting life battling various creatures. His weapon of choice is the "Disemboweler" (thanks, g.g).

This is Sophie. She was created at the request of Miss. Pinkerton. We thought long and hard about what to name her, Pinky even got a piece of paper and "wrote" a list of potential names.
(It was sooooo cute!)
But she ultimately choose Sophie.
Sophie is sad because she is not allowed to dance on stage EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I Know! What kind of mother would keep a princess ballerina from dancing on stage every day.

When my mom saw I was back to creating dolls, she said she wanted one, this was so sweet, so I started her right away.
G.G had a name and a story already decided on and once the doll was done, wanted to learn how to make her own doll. This male doll would be lovers with the female doll I created for her.

So without further ado, I present Artemisa and Phillipe.
Artemisa is a poor French painter, living in a Parisian garret. She wants only to paint all day and lives on wine and bread.
Phillipe is her lover. A wealthy aristocrat, who has been cut off from his inheritance, because of his undying love for Artemisa.
Love stories like this never end well and I am fearful for the fate of our star crossed lovers.

The next series of dolls had to be set aside while I worked on wholesale orders and Christmas boutique items for a while. But I am very excited to get back to sewing the costumes.
I was able to purchase some unique vintage fabrics and I am imaging lots of full skirts, with short and long jackets, canes and little top hats!


  1. Dah-Link I do hope you feel better soon! Hard to believe so much time has flown by. My work release is set to be revoked December 1st. Which I guess overall it was an even bigger burden to take on coming in earlier and doing the kid stuff, etc. I'm imaging this is baby steps in the right direction though and here I have to say I really want to find something else for the new year. So kind universe, do with me what you will just make sure it's with 5 miles of where I currently live:) I know you wanted to work on the silver - alas I've been way to distracted to think about something for myself. HOWEVER, I do keep returning to the bottle stopper piece that I mentioned before...I think it's longing to be made into a pendant. OK I need to fold some clothes and hit the sack - it's a long week ahead. Do take care:) I think of you often and hope you are doing well otherwise...sincerely, Laura Lee

  2. Oh gosh...I'm just loving your dolls...I do love Sophie and favs!

  3. Love the dolls especially Sophie! Although, Morris is fantastic as well.

  4. I love the way you give them each a fascinating story. They seem "alive" because of your writing!

  5. These are enchanting! The stories are such fun :) Hope you feel better soon!


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