Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vintage Papers

I haven't been able to take pictures yet, or even put jumps on, but I have a bunch of new pieces that were created from vintage papers, wallpapers, embossing and transfers.
They really should be listed now because of all the different leaf graphics but every time I have tried to take photos something else comes up.
There are about 15 pairs of cabs to create post earrings with for a new style I would like to wear myself. If my ear piercings haven't grown out, grown in, come together, healed? I don't know what you call that, when you lose your ear holes! Weird.
Anyway, I just needed to share this random photo before I go fix lunch.
Until next time!
p.s. I just uploaded some fall activity pictures of my family and I on flickr, come see!

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