Friday, November 7, 2008

Art Dolls to Meet!

They are a little further along now and it's very exciting seeing them come to life.
I did these dolls a little differently by completing their hair and make-up before padding out the bodies. I only have little boots to sculpt and they will be complete!

I was not that excited when they were first sculpted, I thought they would not look very good for some reason. I grabbed a head off my work desk to show g.g (my mom) how I glue on the hair.
I knew I would be paying more attention to g.g then to the doll in my hands so I picked the head I liked the least and just started gluing bits of hair on, sort of haphazardly.

But then, after the hair and make-up, Christine introduced herself (the dark haired one) to me and she is now my favorite.
She is so wise and so burdened by all this wisdom she can hardly look up.
Ooooooh, I can't wait for her to be finished!

It just goes to show, you should always follow through with a project even if it is not what you expected or even something you like, lol, it could end up being life changing.


  1. They are lovely MissFickle!! I can't wait to see them finished. That happens to me all the time...I hate how a doll is looking and before you know it she ends up being my favorit!

  2. Shannon these girls are gorgeous! I just love the sultry eyes! And the hair on Christine is wonderful. I have always felt that the art made with 'loose, unplanned hands', turns out the best because it comes directly from the soul! ~Cindy Lietz


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