Thursday, November 6, 2008

breakfast with boo

This morning, somewhere around 4 or 5 am, boo woke up with growing pains in both his legs. It happens frequently and I usually respond by administering pain reliever, heating up a heat pack and rubbing his back until he falls back asleep.

But we couldn't go back to sleep so we talked and snuggled. And giggled.
Until we were hungry.
He wanted to learn how to make toast, so I showed him. Telling him the most important thing was to never walk away from the toaster oven. You will burn your toast every time.

Guess what I did? And guess who reminded me and then laughed his skinny little butt off when I had to start new toast?

Then he asks for bacon, which is rare that we actually have some, so I fry some bacon for him and sit down, drooling, next to him while I eat yogurt.
We proceeded to have the most interesting conversation.

This is what I learned from my breakfast with boo.....

1.)Phalanges is spelled with ph not f.

2.)There are 27 bones in the human hand but only 26 in the human foot.

3.)The female Velvet Ant can't fly, but has a stinger. While the male Velvet Ant can fly but is not equipped with a stinger. Apparently because "Boys are smart and run away from danger." Boo's hypothesis.

4.) The okapi and the pre-historic macrauchenia (I had to look up that one) would have both had the same speed in running because their front top legs are the same muscley size.

5.) His ape (plastic) should live in our shower because it is "best suited" to a rain forest habitat.

6.) If Dad really didn't want him to jump on the bed, he wouldn't have put such a big bouncy bed in his room.

As I pick up the house later in the morning, I see next to his bed a stack of reading material;
Weird and Wild Creature cards, Zoo books, his Spore game manual, Mammoth Book of Dinosaurs vol.2 and Journey Through the Human Body.
He often reads late into the night and I am grateful he is as excited about reading as he is gaming. Neither of which I control by forcing upon him or limiting his use of. And I think he is better for it!

***BEAM***I love my boy***BEAM***


  1. What a sweet post! Reminded me of the quiet times with my son. My son loves to read and play games as well, and the conversation you had with yours, sounds like the ones I've had with mine. Thank you for sharing with us your love story. It put one of those peaceful smiles on my face! ~Cindy Lietz

  2. what a sweet post;)
    being a Mom is such a great learning experience, otherwise whou would have known about those 26 bones?

  3. Thank you both! I knew other mama's would understand!

  4. Such a sweet morning! :)
    I remember having leg pain when I was very young too! My knees were hurting almost every evening I went to bed. My parents told me it`s a growing pain. I`ll never know wether they were right or not :)

  5. Hi Eva - there is no scientific proof that growing bones cause pain, but it is believed that the muscles hurt from a lot of activity.
    I think scientists just haven't found out how to show it yet!
    I mean, how do you NOT feel growing an 1" every month, lol!

  6. I had to come over and thank you for the lovely post you left me only to find another even more lovely post about you and boo!!!
    I miss my son at this age....
    Many Blessings,even though you already are!

  7. I had growing pains, too. My mother used to massage my knees and legs until I could sleep. Thank you for reminding me!

    How fortunate you are to have a reader! None of mine like it, even though I am a reader and read to them constantly when they were little. They do their reading on the 'net now!


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