Sunday, November 2, 2008


Sign up for my newsletter here and enter your name in a drawing for the Tree Top on Terra Green necklace, next Sat. the 8th.
Save a little money this Christmas season (or selfishly keep it to yourself, you greedy lady)
and enter to win today!
I will alert the winner by email and post here.


  1. I would love to sign up for your newsletter Missfickle! I love what you do and it would be a pleasure to see what you are up to on a regular basis! Cindy Lietz

  2. This little tree is still one of my favorites :) Would love to win something pretty for myself (honest)!

  3. PS
    I have awarded you with "I love your blog "award!
    Details at my blog:) Have fun!!!

  4. Ooo, very nice! Definitely signing up for your newsleter. Thanks for following me on twitter (I'm following you back.) Great blog, btw! :-)


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