Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Impatiently Waiting Art Dolls

They have been waiting for over a month now. They are not happy with me at all.

I moved my clay station into our bedroom with hopes that I would be able to shut myself away at night and work without interruption. Sort of like a real job. I wouldn't be available to my family if I left for a job outside the home, this is how I rationalize it at least.

But I was busy with wholesale and custom orders, in addition to a little bit of business from online sales so the work station in the family room sat with no work being done.
12 undone dolls. For shame, Shannon, for shame.I feel as if I do not deserve the "Marie Antoinette Award" bestowed upon me by LoopyBoopy, who was bestowed by Gail Lackey, who was bestowed by Amy Short, who was bestowed by Tashai of UltravioletWind, who was bestowed by Art Lover. Where the trail runs cold because I could not find any mention of the award anymore.

But I am most grateful and with great power comes responsibility (just play along) and I shall resume completion of the waiting ladies and finish one of them as a French Darling in honor of this most special award.

The rules - copied from Gail Lackey's post because she had the energy to type it out in a French accent....

"Now ze rules of ze one must always appear to follow ze rules(from Miss "P"s First rules of French Etiquette)
1..Pleeeze ad ze logo on your blog
2...Place a link to ze person from whom you recieved ze award.
3...nominate at least 7 or more blogs
4...put zee links to those blogs on your blog
5..leave a message on zheir blogs to tellz them zhey are ze chosen ones"

So here are my nominees for the coveted (humor me, will ya?) "Marie Antoinette Award"...
1.) Ginger German - who will one day have a blog and when she does, will display the award proudly I am sure.
2.)Rhonda Mum - who did an amazing job hosting the Les Emotion de la France book swap
3.)Eliane with artful-spirit - one of my favorite contributors to the above book.
4.)Elizabeth Holcombe - a fabulous bag artist.
5.)Kathy of Vintagesnapsandscraps - a lovely lady who creates wonderful altered art
6.)Fleamarketqueen - truly an queen of all things vintage.
7.) last but not least - Michelle Ward - who completely inspired me with a post in 2007 that contained her contribution to the Marie Antoinette Collabrative Art Zine hosted by Aahata Katkin and Lynne Perrella.

I have now spent an hour at the computer and my children are eating cheetos directly out of the bag at 9:00 am due to being left unsupervised while I hunted down links to share with you, dear reader. All for you.

Thank you, LoopyBoopy, the award was fun and special coming from you!


  1. Thank you for the MA award, my friend! Now, I must go eat cake and more cake and more cake...~~~XXOO, Beth

  2. Oh my goodness~
    Thank you so very much for my award. What a nice think to see when I signed on.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. I cannot wait to see those girls dressed! I love your work MissFickle!


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