Friday, November 21, 2008

Twitter, Project Wonderful and Own the Hour Marketing

I am making collage sheets from Victorian and vintage clip art, digital elements and old ledger and script papers.
You can make your own tags using these super inexpensive collage sheets!

I have more sheets on the way;
Cute, aren't they? I will make up some messy, foo foo tags and atc's to give examples of what you can do with them.

Okay, some business stuff.
First off - with a nudge from inmyheadstudios , I signed up for twitter.
It was a little confusing at first but then I got it and started posting little tid bits of stuff, links to items I liked, encouragement to other sellers and people in general and LINKS TO ITEMS I LISTED. It was amazing. Stagnant views at etsy suddenly moved up quickly, I got support and encouragement from people and even made new friends!

Was it a coincidence that I started selling again? I don't know. Days when I am not able to promote on twitter, nothing happens, but when I am able to be actively involved I have great sale days.

Sign up and try it. Follow me and of course I will follow you!

(no, Vickie, I still haven't done facebook yet! :) )

Second bit of news... Following a Timothy Adams tutorial on Project Wonderful ( I love this man), I signed up for a few of these campaigns to see how it goes. I did get a sale from it for sure, but as there is no way to track where people are coming from on etsy, I am not sure how many more there may be.

Third - You can purchase hour time slots. I choose something a little high in price, but I did receive 8 views at 11:00am and 6 views 11:00pm. I also received 6 hearts, which is my average amount when I list on etsy all day long.
I was trying to reach late night shoppers who like shiny metal things. No buyers, but considering I did not list anything all day the fact that it brought views is a good thing.

I might try it again. I have a feeling it is mostly being viewed by other etsy sellers wanting to see what's on there, but they do claim to be trying to reach buyers.

Fourth - Put a paypal gift certificate button on your blog right now.
Seriously. It is a whole new way to boost sales. If you need help, just convo me and I will walk you through it, it's super easy. And a great way to get around etsy's wierd no gift certificate policy (this might be different but who can keep up with the changing back and forth anyway?).

The book deal is back on! My schedule deadline will be for March, but I am shooting for January to challenge myself. This will be basic beading with quirky supplies. A hip, new look for beaded jewelry.
I am super excited to be involved and can't wait to get started (like I haven't started shopping in my mind already). I will let you in on more info as it comes available.

I hope to post again soon, let me know if any of these things I mentioned above works for you. I am fascinated by online marketing. :)

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