Friday, February 27, 2009

Polymer Clay and Found Objects

My kids and I find, save and treasure all sorts of little objects. Special rocks, crystals, beach finds and even Christmas lights.

To turn them into wearable art treasures, we rolled small balls of polymer clay, pressed them onto the tops of our treasures, imprinted with small sections of ornate stamps, poked holes or added jump rings to the tops and dusted with mica powders. We even pressed tiny jewels into some!
After baking in our oven for 20 minutes or so, I sealed them with a satin acrylic varnish.

We love them for their special meaning and the special memories each one contains. (Plus that ultra cool altered art look they have!) The kids wear their "found object treasures" with pride.

Clay - $2
Powder - $3
Found objects - free
Time well spent creating with the kids - priceless


  1. What unique pieces...particularly like the coral one...

  2. So cool! You've been one of my favorites on Etsy for a while. I've just started a new blog. Hope you'll check it out soon.

  3. I love this idea!!! I think they would look great in a shadow box, an open one, so they could still be taken out and worn.

  4. Here's a link for a tutorial on fusing plastic. Happy fusing!

  5. Those are some great ideas for the kids when we show our latest
    clay jewelry when the outdoor markets open in the spring.


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