Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hand Forged Metal Links

I had a vision of a new style of jewelry as I was brain storming for ideas to include in the book.
However, because of the eclectic mix of vintage chain and beads, modern metals and polymer elements they were a little too heterogeneous for a beginners book!
Somerset may be interested so I will save them for another post.
But needless to say, I have made so many metal links in all sorts of sizes and types that I decided to offer them to other jewelry designers, in addition to a "how to" ebook in pdf form on Hand Forged Links.
This tutorial takes you from safety tips, all the way through antiquing heavy gauge wire to form your own modern links. I include a detailed list of supplies and tools, where to find the best quality for the best price and a simple step by step process that demystifies soldering and hammering metals. Large, high resolution images accompany each step for us visual learners who need to see what we are reading.
I would love to see how other polymer clay artists incorporate the modern, rustic look of hand made, soldered links in to their jewelry designs.
You can purchase the Hand Forged Links Tutorial here.
And you can shop pre-made heavy metal links here.


  1. Your metal links are pretty! My husband forges knives so I was looking at metalwork.

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