Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear James,

I was enthralled. The movie was not worth watching if you were not on screen. The ugly troll-like dude would pay for what he did to your poor little fawn leg and The White Witch would die a thousand horrible deaths for turning you to stone like that .

You had me at the brown paper package dropping.

Deeply impressed with Becoming Jane. I had awarded you with the uber special Shannon's Not Easily Impressed Award.

VERY prestigious.

You had replaced all other crushes with Atonement.

(I like libraries too.)

I tolerated this because it was a very dashing vest and pant ensemble.

And your hand is very elegant.

But this simply will not do. You are going in the wrong direction.

You've seen the new Twilight movie, yes?

You could very easily be replaced.
I will hold off on judging until the new Star Trek movie comes out.

You've been warned,


  1. Funny. I do have to say that I enjoy each of those photos.


  2. This is a scream! Thanks for the eye candy!

  3. You're funny, and James is a cutie. Just wanted you to know, you are featured in Part 3 of My Favorite Things series! Check it out when you get a chance.

  4. yumalicious (don't know what happened to my other post!)

  5. Interesting! Cool man, are you cold?

  6. I love this post too:) I totally agree with you for the last picture, wrong direction!!

  7. love James.. he's not you typical cookie cutter hot guy

  8. He is cute and it's not I do not appreciate the image of a shirtless, muscled man, but is that even his body?

    I guess if I was an actor, I would do a couple of 'for sure box office hits' with costars like Jolie if they were offered, but he has more substantiates then that. I hope he goes back to the movies with depth.

  9. Scarves - I do not understand your comment.
    I'm glad you thought it was interesting, as much as a joke can be considered that, but are you asking if I am cold? Or does that refer to shirtless James in the snow?

    Cause I have an answer for both those....

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  11. Very well put....I love your letter to James was clever and very entertaining to read...i agree with everything you favorite movies of his is "Becoming Jane" and "Penelope"...i just really love his eyes...


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