Sunday, March 29, 2009

Embossed Brass, Polymer Clay Cuff

First, I saw a monogram cuff at Anthropologie. It was cute and very expensive. Like $168.00.
I know, I know. It's not that bad, but I couldn't afford it so let me break it down for you.
If you were interested in making your own monogram cuff that is.

First I searched 'brass cuff' in etsy. The ones by urbanrose were not there yet, but that would save you a couple steps. I choose this one by mermaidsdowry. It was just the right width for me, but she has wider cuffs also, if you like a lot of FLARE. I also purchased one of these circle findings, which is just a bit larger then the width of the cuff. Don't you love when you find what you need at 1 store!!!

I put a drop of turquoise breeze acrylic paint on a paper towel and rubbed it over the brass embossing. You want the paint to go into the imprinted spaces of the embossed design.
Let that set for a few seconds, it dries very quickly. Now take a dry section of the paper towel and rub again over the surface, this takes the paint off the surface of the brass, but leaves it in the imprinted areas. I swiftly buffed the surface with the paper towell to bring up the shine of the brass.

Next I rolled out a bit of pearl white clay, cut a little circle that would fit inside the brass circle finding, baked, buffed and stamped the white circle with an "S" from making memories magnetic letter kit, Vintage Type. This letter measures only 1/4" long and fit perfectly!

I coated the letter cabochon with 3d crystal lacquer, available here at Sun and Moon crafts.
(she's the fastest shipper, with the best price and spectacular customer service.) and let that set.

Now all you have to do is place a drop of E6000 epoxy onto the center of the colored brass cuff and press the brass circle into it, hold for 30 seconds or so so the epoxy sets. Add a second drop of epoxy to the back of the clay cabochon and set this into the center of the brass filigree circle.
Let the decorated cuff set up over night.

You're done!

The price of your new cuff? Well, let's see that's approx. $9 plus shipping for the brass cuff and filigree circle., $8 for the glaze and epoxy, then $2 for the block of clay. Ink is just pennies and letter stamps can be found pretty inexpensively at any arts and crafts store. You would probably spend around $25 if you needed to buy everything.

Most importantly you made it yourself!

p.s. This technique is soon to be released in Belle Armoire's Jewelry Magazine with stepped out photos, variations and a more in depth explanation for Spring 2010!


  1. I have just discovered your blog - you are fabulous!!! btw - I love this cuff and the way you link to the sources to your material.

  2. Very practical tips to design a very beautifully looking cuff.

  3. Good info, thanks for the article. You should try posting it on I put a few articles and it is really nice. You can have it linked to your own webpage and they have graphs and other tools to help track how many people are reading your article. It also has a great search engine so you find other how 2 articles.

  4. Love this! I love Anthropologie too, but wish their prices were a bit lower. You are so creative!

  5. I "found" your blog via your very lovely etsy shop !!! you are so creative !!!

  6. Thank you! I would love to see pictures if any one made such a cuff!

  7. ooooh love it! You always amaze me. I love anthropologie (and urban outfitters) but agree on the expensiveness -why I always and only shop "sale." Your idea is much better: making it yourself! Love it!


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